Google Classroom YRDSB

Google Classroom YRDSB is essentially designed for York Region District school board students, parents, and other community members. Using this website, users can easily access to various features such as school information subsuming maps and contact info, school bus information, school year calendars, social media links like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, inclement weather alerts, access to student resources like CareerCruising, and trustee and administrator contact info. Before signing into YRDSB account through it is advisable to sign out of personal account. Certainly it can be signed into the multiple accounts and does make your first sign via YRDSB single sign on page. If you're not sure to logging into Google Classroom YRDSB, you can try with the Google Personal account.

Connecting Students

Before getting your students online, you make sure that complete the steps successfully below.
  • If you're a teacher, you should spend some time on working and playing with the tool yourself so that you can better understand how it works and how sharing works.
  • You can make a discussion with your administrator around the use of Google Apps. To guide this discussion, you can use the Google Apps for Education Centre. If you would like to get your DLRT support in the conversation, you can contact the person very easily.
  • You can inform parents that you will be using the tool and feel free to make changes for Google Classroom for Education information center to suit your school situation.
  • You can also ensure to make discussions with your students around online safety, digital citizenship, cyber-bulling, and their digital footprint.

Using a Laptop or Desktop Computer

For example, if you're using a YRDSB computer, you can consider Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox because it will not support the older versions of Internet explorer. For suppose, if you're the user of updated version of Safari or Internet Explorer on Mac or other personal computer, you can get best results to enable the ability to save your work.

Video Tutorial

The YouTube Video tutorial take you to connect to your YRDSB Google Apps account. Accordingly, you need to open the updated version of browser and have students to navigate to the Once you've been entered into the web page, you can simply click on the link to sign into York Region district school boards. You can have your students to login with their YRDSB credentials. If you're trying and logging into the account, you can simply add after their YRDSB username and password. Once you'd completed this, you will be prompted to view sign in button which directs you to use YRDSB Google apps. If you're visiting or using this application, you need to accept the terms and conditions.

Using iPads

If you're using any of the mobile browsers like Safari, Chrome, etc., you can able to access the Google Drives or Google Docs. Accordingly, you will find the improved and editing capabilities when you use the Google Drives App. For instance, if you're using the mobile app, you can directly click on drive button or icon. After that, sign in with the YRDSB credentials and students should use their own username and password for YRDSB account. In this way, you can simply sign into the account very easily.