Google Classroom WCPSS

Google Classroom WCPSS is a learning management system in which teachers and students can connect and collaborate with each other. Students can get more benefits under this platform such as accounts, digital resources, extra time page, school expectations, grading policy, durant registration, high school registration, and other student services. Accordingly, student services included different activities such as credit by demonstrated mastery, upcoming events, blogs, track 1, track 4, high school registration information, and single subject acceleration.

School Expectations

Under school expectations, students can make use of dress code, electronic use, and attendance & tardy procedures. In order to help the students to keep focused on learning without any distractions and it expects each one to dress appropriately. It prohibits provocative, vulgar, offensive, revealing, obscene or offensive clothing or bodily appearances. There are some examples that students don't wear subsuming see-through or excessively short, tight, or revealing clothes, clothing that advertises products or services illegal to minors, sagging pants, exposed undergarments, head coverings, chains, spikes, or other accessories that could be perceived as or used as a weapon.

Electronic Use

When students enter the school buildings, all electronics should be restricted to use in the school to concentrate more on their academics. This policy is applies to the arrival time, instructional day, and the dismissal time. Accordingly, students are responsible for appropriate use of own device during the opportunities. Some examples are researching a topic, taking notes, collaborating, listening to music, and listening to podcasts, and more. Inappropriate use of electronic devices included taking pictures of other students or staff, social media, filming inappropriate activities, and listening to music without making use of headphones.

WCPSS Google Apps

It is a suite of web-managed devices and collaboration applications which are hosted by Google and managed by WCPSS. It provides the applications as a service instead of using software to download and install. In order to access these applications, you need to simply use a web browser on any computer which is connected to the internet.

When Will I Receive WCPSS Google Apps Accounts

Based on start date, you can access to the accounts for faculty or staff which are automatically created. On the student's first day of school, middle and high school students can able to access the account. Elementary school student accounts must be requested by the Principal using request form. You can get assistance from support information and resources which are available under system support web page. Your new WCPSS Google accounts included different applications for students and staff subsumed Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Google Sites, Google Apps Vault, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar. Other additional google apps are Google custom search, Google books, Chrome Management, Google My Maps, Google News, Google Voice, Google Reader, Google Takeout, Google Webmaster, Google Mobile Capability, Google Map Maker, Google Webmaster, Save to Pocket, Stopwatch, YouTube, and more.

Google Mobile & Desktop Apps

WCPSS Google accounts of graduating seniors and other students who are not returning to WCPSS next year. Saving Google content included export Google Drive content using Google Takeout, save items shared with me, and export sites.