Google Classroom Tutorial

Google Classroom Tutorial is one of the best platforms for enhancing teachers workflow and it offers a set of powerful features which makes an ideal tool to use. It helps teachers to save time, keep classes organized, and enhances communication with students. Google Classroom App is available for anyone which included Google apps and a free suite of productivity tools such as Docs, Drive, and Gmail. 

 The video tutorials will help the persons who are new to Google Classroom and they offer you a very good introduction to what the platform is all about. You will also learn how to use some features and how to seamlessly integrate it in your teaching. You can also get to view a series of video tutorials included how to sign up for Google Classroom, student view in Google Classroom, how to create a class, and grading, feedback, and view from Google Drive.

How it Helps the Students

If you're a student, you can sign into the classroom with either G Suite for education account or your personal Google account. Once you've signed into the Google Classroom, you can update your classroom profile picture or manage your Google account password and settings. The tutorial included classes for how do I sign in to classroom, change your role, change your profile photo or password, and setup notifications. You can also manage the classes using a class code or email invitation from your teacher. After you joining a class, you will have to access the class stream wherein you can able to find class resources quickly including your teacher's email, a link to the class Google Drive folder, and any other information relevant to your class. There are many activities included under managing of classes such as unenroll from a class, join a class, view your class resource page, view an archived page, reorder your class cards, and view your assignments in a class calendar.

View Your Assignments in a Class Calendar

You can track assignments and questions with due dates on calendar. Whenever your teacher creates an assignment in classroom, you can view a calendar both in classroom and in Google Calendar. Through Google Calendar, you can also consider to view events like field trips and exam dates. You can view assignment due dates in classroom. For that, you just go to the Google Classroom website or mobile application. You can go to menu and calendar view to enter into the assignment dues. You just click an assignment or question to open it. In order to see all assignments for your classes, you can click all classes and select your own class. You can also view class events in Google Calendar and go to the website of Google Classroom. After that, click on a class and go to the open in Google Calendar. As a student, you can receive an email and mobile notification from Classroom whenever:
  • A teacher invites you to a new class.
  • A teacher grades or returns work.
  • A teacher sends you a private note.
  • Anyone comments on your post or mentions you in a post or comment.
  • You have unsubmitted work which is due within 24 hours.