Google Classroom Review

Predominantly, Google Classroom is a place where you could communicate with your learners effectively, streamline the classes and assignments, and provide them instructive feedback whenever they want. Google is focusing on providing online education and make classroom in the world not only paperless but also more effective. It is available through Google Apps for education which targeted the academic institutions only and not for corporate training. Google Classroom Review has included both advantages and disadvantages while providing services.


The main advantages included effective communication and sharing, easy to use, effective feedback, no need of paper, speeds up the assignment process, available for everyone, clean and user-friendly interface, and great commenting system.

Easy to Use and Accessible From all Devices

Even though you're not a Google user you can easily access the Google Classroom without facing any issues. It will allow you to access from any devices whether through computer, mobile device, or tablet. It makes easier to add as many learners you want and create Google Documents to manage announcements and assignments, attach files from Google Drive, post YouTube links, and add links.

Effective Communication and Sharing

The great advantage of Google Classroom is that documents can be saved and shared to unlimited number of people. Accordingly, you can create an announcement and assignment using Google Docs so that learners can instantly go through the Google Drive. Furthermore, Google Docs are easy to use, organized, and personalized in Google Drive folders. With this tool, you need not use emails to share information. You just create a document and share it with as many learners you want to.

Speeds Up the Assignment Process

If you want to create an assignment or task for students and distributing it as well, you can easily check out who has submitted their assignment as well as offering feedback immediately with the Google Classroom.

Effective Feedback

It facilitates the opportunity to offer online support for learners to provide effective feedback.

Clean and User-friendly Interface

With the clean layout Google standards, you can invite other persons for environment where every single design is simple and user-friendly.

Available for Everyone

Educators can also create an account to join in the Google Classroom as learners in the sense that you can create your own classroom so that you can interact with your colleagues and use it for faculty meetings.

No need of Paper

One day it might be the grading papers would be impossible to imagine. So, Google Classroom allows the students to participate in e-learning programmes and it would be possible to go with paperless.


Including many advantages, there are disadvantages also involved such as difficult account management, no automated updates, difficult learner sharing, impersonal, editing problems, no automated quizzes and tests, and limited integration options. It doesn't allow multiple accounts and can't login with your personal account.

You're required to enter in Google Apps for Education. If you're having personal account under Google, you may be frustrating to juggle multiple Google accounts. For example, if you want to share a Google document or photo through Google Classroom, you need to save the document separately in your computer's hard drive by logging out from one account and log into another account.