Google Classroom Login

You can log in to the Google Classroom with either education account or student account. A G Suite of education account is set up by your school management and if you don't know your account, you can ask to your teacher's or the school's administrator. Whereas personal account can be set up by you only. However, you must have internet connection to log into your account.

How do I Log Into Google Classroom

If you're logging into the account for first time, you can go to and click on login button to enter into your existing account. Accordingly, provide your basic entails like G Suite for Education user name or your personal Google account. After that, you can click on next button and it will allow you to access the products of Google Classroom.

For example, your G Suite for Education user name might look like Your personal account may look like Later, you can enter your valid password and click on login button to get the services. For suppose, if it alerts you to read welcome message, you can click accept button to obey the terms and conditions of Google Classroom. If you're using G Suite for Education, you can click on whether I'm a student or I'm a teacher.

Based on your qualification, you can choose the account type and get access to the Google Classroom. When you've signed in with student account, you can see classes your teachers created. You can click on Join button in order to add yourself to a class. You can click on menu button to access all areas of classroom such as classes, calendar, settings, and work. Students can navigate classes section so that they can access any of the classroom section.

Teachers can also able to know how to create a class. Through calendar, users can see their class calendars very easily. Additionally, teachers also can track student work on class calendars. In order to view all assignments and posts for your classes, students, and teachers. With the settings button, you can also manage your password, notifications, and profile photo. On settings page, you can manage your account settings such as update your profile photo or change the password. If you forgot your password, you can get help from the administrator who manages the classroom for your school.

Change Your Profile Photo

With the help of Google Classroom, you can change your profile photo which is next to your name in the classroom. If you add a profile photo, you can't remove it and replace it with a different photo. For that, you can go to and scroll down to the settings. You can click on photo under profile picture and select a photo from the computer or drag a photo from your computer. You can also resize the box over your photo and click set as profile photo.