Google Classroom Help

Google Classroom is a new tool which allows the teachers to create assignments for students and review them back whenever they want. It has included a help-centre for students and teachers. With the Google Classroom Help-Center for teachers, you can find different features such as add a class, email a student, add a class resource page, create an assignment, post an announcement, create an assignment, change a password, remove a student from the class, and review, grade, and return an assignment.

Basic Workflow

Under Google Classroom, teachers can able to create an activity or template in Docs. They can also create an assignment in Classroom and receive that assignment tasks. Teachers can check out to view who has submitted the assignments. When completed the tasks, teachers can return it to the student.

Key Features

Teachers can assign a Presentation, Google Doc, Drawing, Spreadsheet, a YouTube video, an attachment, or a text description. You can also add multiple items to an assignment.

Add a Class

As a teacher of the Google Classroom, you can create your own class through this platform for each of the classes you teach. Within a class, you can able to add students, post announcements, create assignments, return viewed assignments, and send messages to students. Accordingly, conducting classes is interactive tool for students and you can share post with the classmates and return an assignment.

To add a class, you're required to follow below steps such as sign into Google Classroom with your account, click + on top of the web page and create class, enter the class name for your text box, provide short description on second text box including grade level, section, or class time, and create a class. Once you've created a class, you can able to choose or change the image which is displayed for the class in a stream. You can also rename or delete a class using menu icon.

Add a Class Resource Page

After creation of a class through Google Classroom, you can have the facility to add a class resource page for your students. Using classroom page resource, you can able to post any materials or resources for the overall classes subsuming syllabus and a grading policy or classroom rules. Accordingly, you can sign into the website and click the class that you want to add the resource page to. You can enter a title for the page and a description of the class.

For adding additional resources, you can able to click on materials and enter a title. Additionally, you can add multiple resources under a single title or add them separately whenever you want.

Email a Student

If you want to send email to a specific student, you need to follow below steps as it is. At initial point, you can go to the website and click the class that the student is in. Under students, you can go to envelope icon which is available next to the student name.

For example, if you need to send multiple emails to students, check a box next to the student's name and click email on top of the web page. In a new email message box, you can enter a subject along with the message and click to send the mail for students.