Google Classroom for Students

Google Classroom allows the students to access the classroom materials, share resources and interact in class stream, submit assignments, and get feedback and grades. In order to enroll your students in your class, you need to invite them or provide them with a code to add themselves.

Invite Students or Groups of Students

You can go to and click the class to add students or groups to. After that, choose students and invite students tab. Accordingly, you can also invite individual student or group and enter the student's or group mail's email address. Under search results, you can click a student or group or click add recipient. In order to invite more students or groups, you can click on invite button to join in the classroom.

Here, you can make a note that the class list is updated to show the names of invited students. Invited students can able to receive email. If you want to join in the classroom, the student must sign into the classroom and click Join on the class card. To invite Google Classrooms, you don't have to be the owner of the group but you do have to be a member. If you're a member, you can usually view the list of members.

Give Students a Code to Add Themselves

Initially, you simply enter into the Google Classroom website and click the class and students to provide the code. You can also follow few ways to give the code to your students. Accordingly, you can choose the option and click the code and copy. If you're projecting your device to the class, you can click the display and click full screen to display the code in full screen.

Write the code on the board in your classroom. You need to give the instructions such as sign into the Google classroom account and add join class to enter the code. You can also invite the students from outside of the school's or organization's domain when your school's or organization's settings are enabled to access the classroom. For suppose, the settings are enabled, you can invite the students from other domains as similar as you invite people from your domain. You can also view or invite students or groups of students or give students a code to add themselves. If you're an administrator, you can see configure the settings of class to turn or off.

Reset or Disable a Code

If you're a student and facing issue with the use of class code, you can reset the code whenever you want. In addition to the reset, you can disable the code by going through the online website or mobile application. You can click on class and go to students service. After that, go to the code option in which there are two services such as reset or disable. In order to enable the disabled code, you can click on enable button.

Class Size Limits

G Suite for Education account has different size limitations for each class such as maximum number of students is 20 and maximum number of members is 1000.