Google Classroom FCPS

With Google Classroom FCPS, you can transform your classroom to digital classroom that streamlines assignments, fosters seamless communication, and encourages collaboration in order to make teaching more productive and helpful.


Based on Google Classroom, educators can able to create classes, send feedback, distribute assignments, and view everything on one place. The essential benefits included versatile, easy, impactful, and affordable. With the Google Classroom, educators can set up the classroom within a couple of moments. Additionally, they can manage assignments and communicate with the students in one convenient place.

It is free for schools and best-in-class security also included in classroom at one convenient class. It creates versatile environment in the sense that teachers and students can work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It seamlessly integrates with the other Google tools and assists the educators in a way that educators refresh their curriculum with integrated education apps. In order to enhance performance, educators can able to provide instant feedback and track a student's progress. It also free up educator time so that they can concentrate on what they do best in teaching for students.

Tips for Using Google Classroom For Educators

You can easily setup Google Classroom before school starts and add your own materials and organize them in files within your drive. You can more organized, streamlined, and beneficial your classroom for all users. You can find various resources which helps the learners to access the entire course or throughout a unit. Educators can able to add the resources to the materials under about tab so that they don't get lost in the stream.

How to Create Assignments

If you want to create assignments such as a journal or portfolio, you can accomplish the tasks on a weekly basis. When you posting an assignment, you can click on all students tab that will allow you to access the question or announcement. You can also choose from different students in your class. You can differentiate instruction by offering different resources, projects, and assignments by student.

Digital Tools to Engage with the Students

Digital tools bring more ways to the educators for providing hands-on learning in the classroom. You can also explore popular tools and resources to inspire your scientists, digital citizens, and world explorers.

Help Students Search and Explore the World

As a teacher, you can teach learners regarding fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so that they can explore more ways with the online world. You can teach students with Google Search education site that helps students by providing lesson plans and activities to assist the educators and searchers of all levels. Using Google culture institute, users can able to view millions of artifacts and the stories behind them. Similarly, Google Scholar offers a simpler way for students to widely search for scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources. You can get to view or explore the world with Google Earth Education that provides educators with lesson plans, tutorials, tours, and tips for using Google Earth in the classroom.