Google Classroom CPS

Google Classroom CPS educates approximately 400,000 students and employs the staff of 40,000 that makes it third largest school district in the country. Its mission is to offer every child from every community in the Chicago which allows the users to a high-quality education. It provides students with skills to think critically, innovate, and promote change in their communities. The essential products used included G Suite for Education and Classroom. G Suite for Education included communication and collaboration tools such as Classroom, 

Gmail, Drive, and Docs for learning anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You can find a tool within the G Suite for Education allows the educators to create, review, and organize assignments. Through this tool, you can easily communicate with the students. CPS platform focusing on teaching the students that it's not just the work and it's team effort. Students can think beyond the classroom which becoming more comfortable with technology. CPS included two email systems such as one for students and one for teachers. The information technology services team spending lots of time and resource managing the separate systems. 

Accordingly, schools wanted to consolidate one cloud-based platform or email system for students and teachers. It is also want to provide better platform for students and teachers to collaborate. The schools collaborated with the Gmail as the district-wide email system and introduced G Suite for education. It could easily manage accounts and introduced the Google Classroom to provide efficient products and programmes to the students and teachers as well. 

Organizations and individuals around the world that meet their goals with the help of Google's solutions, programs, and funding for education. A new CPS Learning system connects all people, content, and systems that helps to collaborate the education programs in an interface. It has been included ClassDojo, socrative, and Google Classroom. ClassDojo is a classroom tool which offers or helps the teachers to improve their behaviour in classrooms very easily and quickly. It can also included to capture and generated data on behaviour so teachers can share the data with parents and students. There are different features such as better learning behaviours, smoother lessons, and hassle-free data.


It is a smart responsive system which basically empowers the teachers to engage their classrooms with a series of education programmes and systems through laptops, mobile devices, or tablets. Predominantly, it is simple to set up and included a variety of benefits for you to use. You can also ask multiple questions to ask and exit tickets to understand the lesson. In addition to these, you can include pictures with questions and have socrative answers for short questions too.

Google Classroom

This tool is available for anyone through CPS system and it subsumed a free suite of productivity tools such as Gmail, Drive, and Docs. It is designed to help the teachers to create and collect assignments without using paper in addition to the time-saving features like ability to make a copy of Google document for each student. You can also able to create drive folders for every assignment and for each student to organize everyone.

Students can keep updated progress about assignments page and teachers can get quicker view of assignments so that they can estimate who has been completed the work. They can also get features of direct and real-time feedback within the classroom.