Google Classroom

Google Classroom is essentially focused on providing a learning management system for schools that sights onto simplify distributing, creating, and grading assignments in a paperless way. Primarily, it was implemented a feature of G Suite for providing education to learners. Later, it has been inculcated the Google API and share buttons for websites which allows school administrators and developers in order to engage further with the Google Classroom.

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Recently, it has opened a classroom in a way that users can join to classes no matter whether they're having a G Suite as education account at It has designed free and online training for the classroom which helps the educators to learn more and do what they do best or even better. Accordingly, it offers different types of tools like training, certification, and resources.


With the use of training tools, educators can able to prepare well and train students more effectively. Whether you're the beginner to learn some concepts or to start the path to get mystery, Google Classroom training centre is very helpful for you to meet your requirements where you're and get you where you want to be.

Accordingly, it saves your time, keeps you organized, and helps you communicate with the students. Through, you can get to know about tools, tips, and tricks to get started today and they included google class tutorials, teachers’ lounge, handy tools, and extra information. These tips and tools are useful for first day learners. The video tutorials included the vital information about sign in, how to create a classroom, invite students, assign & grade work, add materials, and send feedback and grades.

Under teachers’ lounge, the videos provided the tips for stay organized with Google drive, use topics in classroom, keep guardians in the loop, avoid the assignment iceberg, create assignments with annotations, use the share to classroom extensions, get assignments turned in, and reuse your syllabus. Otherwise, you can consider downloadable materials for your classroom and it included getting started with the Google Classroom, Google Classroom tips, and teacher-led group study guide. There are many tips provided for you to use Google Classroom more efficiently and they are included set up your classroom, get more support, discover a world of experts, and pursue your PD. 

Training Tools

If you're new to the Training centre, you can watch the overview videos to get started. Accordingly, it has been provided different training tools for educators in order to train their students effectively including fundamentals training, devices training, advanced training, trainer course, and digital citizenship and safety course. 

Fundamentals Training

Through the fundamentals training, you will learn how to incorporate Google in your classroom by reading, watching videos, and doing activities. As an educator, you can start and stop the lessons at any time and it will track your progress through the course. In order to become a Google Certified Educator Level 1, you will ready to take the exam at the termination of this course. It includes three different training classes such as engage in professional growth and leadership, facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity, and increase efficiency and save time.

In the category of engage in professional growth and leadership, you can get to know about get ready to use technology in the classroom and expand your access to help and learning. It improves your views and explore the benefits of the Digital classroom and encourage twenty first century work habits, get familiar with Google tools to integrate the Google Classroom to your classroom, create safe and responsible digital citizens, and think beyond the textbook.

In this unit, you will learn some important points such as how technology can benefit teaching and learning, how you can use technology to prepare for the future, why and how technology will able to support the work you're currently doing, how you can help your students behave responsibly online, and what are the tools available in the G Suite for education. In the lesson of expand your access to help and learning, you will inevitably have questions to answer, build your own learning network, and discover local Google for education experts.

Additionally, you can learn many other things like how to participate in google classroom online help forum to both find answers and help others, what are the online resources available for you to search for answers, how to contribute to a network of other Google for education users, how to create a network of peers who you can reach out to when you need help, how to find local experts when you need that extra bit of support, and how to join a Google Educator Group for networking, support, and fun. Throughout this unit, it will assign you tasks related to the skills like how to search on Google, how to use Google groups, how to bookmark a webpage, and how to use Google+. In a similar manner, other remaining tools are very helpful for you to build your own learning environment. 

Advanced Training

Google Classroom Advanced Training is providing different kinds of learning tools for educators such as leverage learning models to personalize learning, analyze and interpret the student data, use advanced features to optimize workflow, promote and model the effective use of digital tools, organize your class and school materials more effectively, harness the power of Google for search, design interactive curricula, teach beyond the four walls of your classroom, and give students a voice. Teachers need support and recognition for successful integration of classroom into Google.

Accordingly, schools might provide varying levels of support and teachers can do a good deal of professional learning on their own. You will learn many other things through advanced training and they are types of support models, the importance of support, how to use curation and sharing tools, how to choose a support model, how to use tutorials and webinars, and how to use Drive as a lesson repository. In this unit, you're going to use different types of Google icons such as Google Drive, YouTube, Blogger, Google+, and Google sites.

You can able to learn the skills like label your Blogger posts, getting started with Hangouts on Air, YouTube channels, upload files and folders to drive, insert docs, slides, sheets, and forms in a Google site, and create and delete playlists on YouTube. 

Leverage Learning Models to Personalize Learning

Google has told many times that it has been focused on differentiate instruction to both reach struggling students and challenge their more advanced peers. In order to help us provide more effective differentiated instruction, it will introduce three types of personalized learning such as project based learning, blended learning, and flipped learning.

You will able to learn the skills including how to personalize learning through project based learning, blended learning and flipped learning, ways to showcase student work, how to create a blended unit or lesson, and online resources for personalized learning. The used products at included drawings, docs, forms, and sheets. 

Advanced features to optimize workflow

In order to accomplish everything you'd like to and make better use of the time, you will learn how to work more efficiently and save time. In this unit, you will learn important notes such as how to increase the functionality of Google calendar and Gmail with labs, how to communicate effectively and plan with your students and parents, how to do more in Drive with Apps, how to book appointments with parents, how to automate your life with Add-ons, how to share apps and extensions with your classes, and how to assess more effectively using Add-ons.

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In this unit, you can use different types of icons such as Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Learning centre, Sheets, Chrome, and Forms. It allows you to practice the skills like create appointment tools, manage chrome apps and extensions, manage add-ons, create a private chrome app collection, and share a calendar. 

Teach Beyond the four walls of your classroom

With learning tools, you can connect the students more effectively. It's very easy to teach beyond your classroom if you're leveraged about the right tools. It will assist you in such a way that you can use different different Google tools to create a classroom without any borders. In this unit, you can able to learn the skills such as best practices to make your Hangouts successful, how you open your classroom with Google Hangouts and Hangouts in Air, how you can set up a virtual world in Google Earth to enhance instruction, what the Google cultural institute is and how to use it in class. 

Devices Training

Under Devices Training, you can get proficient skills on Chromebooks and Android Tablets. The devices training unit is based on Android Tablets help you to learn more about how tablets can be used to personalize learning for your students whether you've received a tablet for use in your classroom and want to learn more about how to use it or most of the students in your classroom use tablets. You will learn the skills in the lessons of devices training including how to access and customize settings on tablets to better support students, how G suite for education integrates with tablets, classroom management strategies for both shared and 1:1 tablet environment, features of tablet can transform student learning experiences, and basic troubleshooting techniques for Android testers. 


Specifically, Chromebooks are easy to use, secure, and rapid computers which make favourite for students because it restricts the technology hassles, and letting you focus on teaching and learning. Throughout the lessons of Chromebooks, you will learn how to get advantage from the use of Google Classroom Chromebooks. It will teach you to know about how to personalize your Chromebook, how to manage and take care of Chromebooks in schools, what are Chromebooks and how they different from other computers, how Chromebooks and G Suite for education work seamlessly together, how you can integrate your technology in your classroom using Chromebooks, how teachers can find and assign apps to students, and how to troubleshoot simple Chromebook issues and where to find support when needed. 

Trainer Course

Whether you're an enterprising consultant, Certified Trainers are passionate about train the teachers in order transform their conventional classrooms into technological or digital classrooms. The main hope is that you will grow as a trainer by learning and building upon your abilities to create and deliver training plans. Google wants to educators to experience how Google will change the way they teach which is why it has invented the Trainer course that offers abundant information on Google for Education subsuming Educator fundamentals and advanced courses.

The courses included design professional learning, influence organizational change, planning for engaging training courses, implement best coaching practices, facilitate with professionalism, deepen your knowledge of Google for education, and integrate Google tools in the classroom. 

Digital Citizenship and Safety Course

Digital citizenship and safety course included teach students about Internet safety and privacy, savvy searching, manage your online reputation, stay safe from phishing and scams, and why teach digital citizenship and safety.


You will get certified to be recognized for the work you've done or spending the time on enhancing your skills. Accordingly, it offers two educator Google Certifications course so that you can show mastery at the level that's right for you. You can use the content in the training centre and your own teaching experience to best prepare you for the performance based exams. If you feel adequately prepared, you can start with the exams and the educator certifications can be achieved at any time. 

Google Certified Educator Level 1

If you're an educator who have proficient knowledge in Google Tools in the classroom, this certification proves your proficiency. If you're ready to take the certification exam, you can once again check out the tools like get training, get practice, and get certified. Before taking out the exam, you can do all unit reviews in the fundamentals training course, review the sample exam questions, and don't forget to practice in your classroom.

Once you're comfortable with the material, you can take the certification exam and your exam will be ready to take within 24 hours of registration. The duration of exam is 180 minutes without any pauses and $10 exam fee. Once you become a Google Certified trainer, you can show off your degree with this eligibility on your resume, website, portfolio, and more. The persons or educators who have achieved this certification may publicize their status with their personalized certificate and badge. This certification is valid for 36 months only. 

Certified Educator Level 2

Certified educator level 2 will be applicable for the educators who are super exited and enthusiast in using of Google tools in the classroom, Google certification proves your expertise. Your exam is ready within 24 hours of registration and it will take 180 minutes and exam fee is $25. 

Certified Trainer

You can collaborate your expertise in Google tools with your love of helping others. You can apply for membership in the program and individuals with the roles of Teacher on special assignment, instructional technological coach, and ICT director or coordinator may be particularly fits for certified trainer. The essential benefits included certified trainer digital badge, membership to exclusive community of trainers, powerful, ready-to-use training and professional growth resources, visibility in Google for education directory, exclusive look at new Google product launches, and G Suite for education demo domain.

The membership application process mainly designed for you to show off the things that make you an extraordinary trainer and provide you many tools to help you grow as a professional. You can get started with the skills assessment and trainer course to create your abilities to lead, plan, coach, and deliver top-notch training. It will also provide you some best practices to understand how teachers can experience Google tools in the classroom. After that, it will allow you to get your training experience shine on camera by filming a video to showcase your personality and instructional style.

 It will ask you some more questions regarding your training style and strategies before becoming a member of this program. You can begin to share your knowledge and expertise of your Google tools with your peers and fellow educators. The application and activities are voluntary and optional. The activities included share ideas and resources with your community of trainers, conduct or report at least 12 training or coaching sessions per year, and resubmission of interest subsuming annual product update assessment. 

Certified Innovator

Specifically, certified innovator drives transformation through a project, inspire other educators with various advocacy opportunities, receive tailored mentorship with other innovators, and grow leadership skills with ongoing learning and development. Google Certified Innovator program usually considers the candidates according to their innovative use of technology in school settings, professional experience, their potential impact on other educators, and passion for teaching and learning.

It welcomes all applicants from all roles including from classroom teachers to superintendents. This program advantages are subsuming visibility in the Google education directory, certified innovator digital badge, membership in a collaborative community of innovators, serve as product ambassadors in focus groups, and monthly learning and development resources. 


When you're learning something new at Google Classroom, you can able to get great support from the organization through its resources like tools and devices, ideas, and community. Even though you're looking for inspiration from other educators or want to become an expert on a specific Google tool, these resources will help you to get skills on using the tools. If you want to learn more about your favourite tool or more excited to get more information about Google Classroom tools, you can consider the collected help, educator created materials, and training lessons for all products. The tools included Drive, Docs, Forms, Slides, Sites, G Suite training, Chrome, Maps, YouTube, Search, Google Earth, G Suite for education, G Suite learning centre, Groups, sheets, Gmail, Calendar, Drawings, and Hangouts. 


Classroom training lessons included get your class organized, give and receive feedback, drive student discussion inside and outside the classroom, take the educator advanced course, get your entire audience engaged, check contributions to group work, collect assignments effortlessly, assign work more easily, take the educator advanced course, create beautiful learning materials, and discover more information on Google for education materials. G Suite for education tool training lessons subsuming using Android Tablets with G Suite for education and using Chromebooks with G Suite for education. 


Forms training lessons are build rapport and trust, drive student discussion inside and outside the classroom, understand privacy and trust with Google, more ways to use technology to facilitate student groups, make fewer class copies, and deliver content with poise, clarity and presence. 


Drawings tool gives you more information about make fewer class copies, solve community problems using online tools, get inspired by online learning models, create beautiful learning materials, and use translate and explore the tool to enhance your work


Training lessons for sheets subsuming analyze student growth data, measure student progress, get your class involved, supercharge task automation with add-ons and add-on scripts, determine optimal method to deliver training, model the integration of technology, and visualize results quickly. 


You can meet in person or online with other trainers or educators in the Google network very easily through community option. Additionally, you can find out your peers, role models, collaborators, and other persons who are showing tendency to get the most out of Google tools and devices. Under community section, you can able to get to know about the Google educator groups, G Suite for education, Google for Education help forum, and Chromebooks.

Google education groups are organized based on GEGs and geographical area all over the globe. With this community, you can start sharing lessons and ideas with educators in your area. Google for education forum brings together educators and Google experts who work together to solve common technical problems. G Suite for education is especially for educators from all levels of learning to share ideas and collaborate on using G Suite for education.